1. We deal with e-commerce since its outset, when top brands were chasing outsourcers that could manage their digital retail operations. We have followed the industry’s evolution from the rise of marketplaces to social media commerce, from the re-in-sourcing processes to mobile commerce, from multi/omni-channel commerce to the rise of flash and private sales.
  1. We are a full-service law firm: therefore, we can act as a one-stop shop. E-commerce operators and their partners can rely on us for support in all the business aspects of their organization: from the start-up phase to the go-live moment, from the promotion of their activities to the management of the day-to-day operations with clients and suppliers. We can cover administrative, corporate, secretarial activities, tax consultancy, assistance in the relationship with institutions and regulatory bodies – with the aim of guarantee the observance of the e-commerce juridical framework both in the B2B and in the B2C field.
  1. On the matter of labour law, we assist online shops managers regarding the relationship with their employees and collaborators, so that all commercial operations and the supply chain can flow efficiently. We also assist vendors and retailers in their relationship with clients, consumers and stakeholders, ensuring the protection of the organizations’ rights and goods.
  1. We support the growth and development of corporate brands, protecting creativity and adding value to the brand identity of e-shops and marketplaces. We stand side by side with our clients in the delicate aspects connected with technological development, safeguarding and promoting innovation.
  1. With specific reference to cybersecurity, our expertise in information privacy and security supports multiple digital players in the implementation of adequate protection policies and measures. The aim is to correctly address threats and incidents, and to manage data breaches proactively and quickly.


Daniele D'Antonio


Daniele D’Antonio assists Italian and foreign entrepreneurs and enterprises in the insurance, logistics and transport sectors, dealing primarily with contracts and litigation. In civil, commercial and insurance law, he has...

Luca Egitto


Luca Egitto is an expert in intellectual and industrial property, IT, data privacy and commercial law. Luca advises clients operating in the entertainment, sport, IT and e-commerce business. His main...

Mario Ferrari


Mario Ferrari deals with commercial and corporate law, in particular M&As. His training, professional experience abroad, cultural interests and language skills have all come together to drive Mario towards international...

Marco Gardino


Marco Gardino assists clients in matters of corporate and commercial law, both in M&As and venture capital and for ordinary corporate day-to-day assistance. He has also experience with regards to...

Anna Masutti


Anna Masutti has solid experience in the Transportation sector, in the management and establishment of corporations – especially those operating in the Aviation sector and airport services, their administration, control,...

Pietro Nisi


Pietro Nisi consults and offers in and out of court assistance to enterprises, particularly in matters of international contracts and the transport and logistics sector. He has accrued extensive experience...

Riccardo Rossotto


Riccardo Rossotto has worked throughout national territory, specialising in industrial, corporate and commercial law. In industrial area, his work particularly covers advertising, trademarks and unfair competition. In corporate law, he...