Update | The New York’s Fashion Sustainability and Social Accountability Act

The World Economic Forum estimated that the fashion industry contributes up to 10% of the world's carbon emissions and ranks second in global water consumption. New York lawmakers have then decided to bring sustainability to the runway to make the fashion industry greener, with a legislative proposal currently pending before the New York State Assembly [...]

Update | The EU introduces a global standard on ESG Due Diligence. A gamechanger for global supply chains?

On February 23 the European Commission published the long-awaited Directive proposal on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence. This initiative is in line with the EU Green Deal and with the commitment to deliver on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, in order to promote more sustainable and resilient business activities, especially for companies operating through complex value [...]

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Update | The EU proposes a Regulation to curb deforestation: how would it impact companies?

On 17 November 2021, the European Commission presented a proposal for a new Regulation to contain EU-led deforestation and forest degradation. The proposal sits in the context of the Green Deal, and is part of a larger plan for the protection of forests worldwide, presented in 2019. Deforestation and the EU The data published by [...]

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News | Maria Pia Sacco joins the Impact & Sustainability team as Senior Legal Advisor

RP Legal & Tax welcomes Maria Pia Sacco: from 1 February 2022, she joins the Impact & Sustainability department headed by Natalia Bagnato and Emiliano Giovine. Maria Pia Sacco has solid international, academic and professional experience in the fields of sustainibility, ESG, business and human rights, corporate criminal responsibility and anti-corruption. Maria Pia's profile is [...]

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