Employment and Industrial Relations

  1. Over the years, we have worked with national companies and multinational groups operating in different sectors, developing a deep sensitivity to the dynamics of each production segment and an overall vision that enhances and exploits the best practices of each sector. This allows us to offer high-quality, integrated strategic advice, combining purely labour expertise with other practices in the areas of corporate, regulatory, tax, criminal and intellectual property law.

  1. All the professionals in the team take care of the in-depth analysis of the legal issues that concern the company and its employees, but with a pragmatic approach in the search for flexible and innovative solutions that enhance and protect the organisational contexts in which the business is articulated in the market, both nationally and internationally. We are active in developing solutions to protect the company's talents and to retain and not disperse the most valuable skills.
  1. We advise international and multinational companies, both in and out of court, on the resolution of labour issues related to restructuring processes with redundancies, M&A operations, company transfers and outsourcing, outsourcing and outsourcing of business sectors.
  1. We deal with the management of relations with professional resources and the definition of contractual relations with top management, customised clauses, the definition of the labour structure of new business activities - choice of contract types, classification, remuneration plans, tax and corporate profiles - the structuring of sales networks or other external structures such as tenders, network contracts, joint ventures.
  1. We have extensive experience in litigation throughout the country on delicate and complex issues such as individual and collective dismissals, breach of non-competition obligations, transfer of employees and other cases of unfair competition, protection of the company's assets and image, assurance of data confidentiality even against potential unfair collaborators.


Fabio Benetti


Fabio Benetti assists Italian and foreign businesses in all matters relating to employment law, industrial relations and trade union relations. He provides operative consultancy in managing contracts of employment, including...

Piergiorgio Bonacossa


Piergiorgio Bonacossa is an expert in employment law, both in and out of court. Ensuring the protection of corporate interests, he consults on industrial relations, amongst others dealing with the...

Mario Colombatto


Mario Colombatto is an expert in corporate law and financial markets. In his area of activity he deals with mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, structured finance, private equity and venture...

Marina Cotelli

Of Counsel

Marina Cotelli deals with civil and criminal law in the favour of private clients, small and medium enterprises, both in and out of court. She has accrued vast experience in...

Line Gaston


Line Gaston assists clients in matters of employment law and commercial relations. Her consultancy covers all areas of the drafting of contracts and corporate policies, individual and collective redundancies, corporate...

Mario Enrico Gatti

Senior Associate

Mario Gatti has accrued multidisciplinary experience over the years, assisting the law and HR offices of leading Italian and foreign companies in connection with varied problems (including the negotiation of...

Antonella Iaderosa

Senior Associate

Antonella Iaderosa provides consultancy to national companies and multinational enterprises, supporting them in drafting employment contracts, in handling relations, disciplinary proceedings, individual redundancies and assisting them with litigation across national...

Francesca Macchi

Senior Associate

Francesca Macchi deals exclusively in employment law, a sector in which she has considerable experience both in and out of court. More specifically, she particularly assists companies in managing contracts...

Giacomo Pellegrini


Giacomo Pellegrini has accrued experience in the field of Civil Law, Insurance Law and Labour Law, with a specific focus on litigation. His professional background has taken shape both within...

Luisa Maria Pozzi

Of Counsel

Luisa Maria Pozzi mainly provides assistance in and out of court for employment law matters and, in particular, consults for businesses. In 2000, she decided to focus her work on...

Marco Regalia


Marco Regalia is a lawyer who focuses exclusively on employment and commercial distribution law. He assists clients in all areas of employment law (in Italian and English), including corporate restructuring,...

Roberto Testa


Roberto Testa deals exclusively with employment law. His work covers various areas of the topic. He has accrued vast experience in the field of litigation and out-of-court assistance and contracts,...