1. A calling to innovate and explore new frontiers has always been part of RP Legal & Tax's DNA. We have always taken the way we work and approach our profession to the next level. We are curious enough to look around the corner and daring enough to change the way things have always been done.
  1. For this reason, and because of the increasingly complex needs of clients and a legal service market that is finally evolving and humanising, we have created an innovation team focused on designing new ways of providing legal assistance and new services, documents and products.
  1. What does this mean for our firm and our clients?
    It means shifting the attention to those who use our services, making clients a more active part of the process and the reasoning that lies behind our work. We achieve this by combining an array of different skills on the team. Legal experts, graphic designers, communicators and computer scientists each bring their expertise to the table to design and package legal processes and tools that are easier to understand, more effective, accessible and easier to use.
  1. What interests us is offering our clients:

  • Professionals with the right mindset, capable of communicating and explaining the legal complexities and technical issues that often block the organisational and relational flow of a transaction or consultancy project.
  • Contracts, opinions, memos and policies that are clear and comprehensible in the way they are both written and structured. This, for example, can facilitate the discussion of a contract, which is a delicate moment in the most complex transactions and can involve a multitude of parties.
  • Legal design solutions, enabling us to move from offering simple legal services to complete projects, developing intuitive, shared, flexible, accessible and engaging models, re-inventing the relationship between companies, users and the world of law.
  • Legal tech products developed using the most innovative digital technologies and communication techniques, enabling clients to achieve their business goals more effectively and more rapidly, saving time and resources.