Intellectual Property

  1. Technological innovation has led to exponential development in industrial and intellectual property fields, multiplying the possibilities of optimising and protecting the creative assets of companies. Trademarks, patents, know-how (both technological and commercial) and databases are now the core of many business and, when supported by new technologies (artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud, internet of things, etc.) can be enhanced at all levels and exploited in an unprecedented, capillary manner.
  1. We have accrued significant experience in all the traditional areas of industrial and intellectual property (trademarks, patents, design, know-how, databases and copyright), as well as in the neighbouring areas of competition and data management.
  1. We provide assistance to enterprises, research entities (both public and private), inventors, designers and authors, aware of how important it is to provide a tailor-made assistance combining high quality with constant professional development to march the specific needs of the client.
  1. We support our clients, helping them optimise their creative assets both through the preparation, negotiation and execution of contracts for the exploitation of IP rights (including contracts for licensing, franchising, merchandising, R&D, MTA, collaboration and protection of know-how) and in the context of extraordinary operations.
  1. We help our clients in protecting their intangibles, managing all forms of ordinary or precautionary, as well as administrative and criminal, disputes, monitoring for anti-counterfeiting activities - also with regards to custom and duties issues - and organising on-line brand protection campaigns.
  1. Thanks to a deep-rooted and independent network of international collaborations, we can assist clients with transnational operations and disputes and coordinate cross-border consultancy. Our professionals hold regularly classes and cultivate scientific studies, including collaborations with publishers.


Chiara Agostini


Chiara Agostini assists clients with internet and communication matters. Her specific consultancy covers all aspects of consumer protection, personal data protection, advertising, copyright and related contracts. Her experience in privacy...

Mario Barbera


Mario Barbera collaborates with the Entertainment and Intellectual Property departments providing judicial and extra-judicial assistance for international artists and primary national and international enterprises operating in the entertainmente sector. He...

Nicola Berardi


Nicola Berardi assists with the preparation and negotiation of commercial contracts with a particular focus on the exploitation of intellectual property rights. He has accrued specific experience in trademark protection,...

Allegra Bonomo


Allegra Bonomo assists clients in the Entertainment and Information and Communications Technology sector. She deals with matters relating to the offer of services on-line, e-commerce, personal data protection, electronic communication...

Laura Brandoli


Laura Brandoli deals with the protection of industrial and intellectual property, providing clients with assistance in and out of court on matters of trademarks, know-how, design, patents and copyright, as...

Angela Cataldi

Senior Associate

Angela Cataldi is specialised in intellectual and industrial property, corporate law and contracts, with specific reference to the media-entertainment and Information and Communications Technology sector. She is also specialised in...

Ludovica Ceretto


Ludovica Ceretto mainly operates in electronic commerce, personal data processing, communication law, on-line services and copyright. Ludovica addresses matters of privacy and data protection on a daily basis, having acquired...

Paolo De Carlo


Paolo De Carlo deals with commercial and corporate law. He assists his clients with commercial contracts, extraordinary operations and aspects relating to the valuation and transfer of intellectual property. Paolo...

Luca Egitto


Luca Egitto is an expert in intellectual and industrial property, IT, data privacy and commercial law. Luca advises clients operating in the entertainment, sport, IT and e-commerce business. His main...

Francesca Lodigiani

Of Counsel

Francesca Lodigiani works as a lawyer in the Media-Entertainment and Corporate and M&A industry. Since 2001, the independent publication “Chambers Europe – Europe’s Leading Lawyers” has included her amongst the...

Anna Marinelli


Anna Marinelli mainly offers her in- and out of court assistance on matters of industrial and intellectual property, with a special focus on trademarks, know-how, design, patents and copyright, as...

Elena Meloni

Senior Associate

Elena Meloni assists national and international clients on matters of corporate law and commercial contracts. She also consults in administrative law, as she has accrued experience in the field since...

Gianluca Morretta


Gianluca has a notable experience in the protection of intellectual and industrial property that encompasses all IP profiles. He provides in-court and out-of-court assistance to a wide range of companies,...

Giacomo Pataracchia


Giacomo Pataracchia mainly offers out-of-court assistance in law governing new technologies, e-commerce, personal data processing, law governing communication and advertising, on-line services and copyright. He earned international experience by collaborating...

Pietro Perugini


Pietro Perugini has accrued particular experience in the protection of intellectual property and provides assistance both in and out of court. In copyright law, his work ranges from the entertainment...

Andrea Pisano


Andrea Pisano specializes in intellectual and industrial property, competition, privacy and IT law and commercial law. Andrea deals daily with privacy and data protection. In this sector, he assists national...

Sofia Pollano


Sofia Pollano works mainly in the sectors of online retail and personal data processing. She also supports clients in the drafting of commercial contracts realting to to intellectual property. During...

Giuseppe Speziale

Senior Associate

Giuseppe Speziale deals with commercial and corporate law and offers assistance and legal consulting to Italian companies and multinational enterprises on corporate governance and the negotiation and preparation of commercial...

Monica Togliatto


Monica Togliatto helps clients with communication matters, copyright, industrial property and privacy, both offering consultancy and assistance with contracts, as well as with any related litigation. Over the years, she...