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TMT- Technology, Media & Telecommunications

  1. Technology plays an increasingly crucial role in all types of businesses. Our specific skills in the legal aspects of technology, data management and cybersecurity help companies, startups and corporate groups to manage their business and progress towards the future.
  1. We support our clients in contracts relating to e-commerce, online stores and digital networks (B2C sales, webmarketing, logistics, customer service, IT maintenance, network infrastructures, connectivity and proximity services and merchandising), in the negotiation and definition of advertising agreements on websites, social media pages, online marketplaces and on the internet in general, in addition to the registration, acquisition, management and sale of domain names, websites and their editorial and advertising content. In addition, we provide complete assistance in the development of mobile apps and cloud services, with particular reference to IT security clauses
  1. We provide comprehensive assistance to companies on legal issues relating to IT management, dealing with the creation of self-assessment tools and other corporate self-assessment solutions in the field of IT security, the training and updating of regulatory compliance in matters of cybersecurity (CISO, CTO, CSO, IT Manager, Privacy Officer and System Administrators), along with audits for compliance with Legislative Decree 231/01, to verify all regulatory compliance in terms of IT security and the UNI CEI ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Standard certification process through the work of a lawyer with Lead Auditor 27001 qualification.
  1. Our detailed knowledge in these fields enables us to support our clients in civil and criminal litigation relating to information technology and telecommunications, and in proceedings before AGCOM and CORECOM, in addition to litigation for any reputational damage deriving from the failure to apply the security measures or from cyber attacks.
  1. We provide legal assistance for digital forensics (acquisition of forensic copies, software verification and code reviews, malware analysis and incident response).


Nicola Berardi


Nicola Berardi assists with the preparation and negotiation of commercial contracts with a particular focus on the exploitation of intellectual property rights. He has accrued specific experience in trademark protection,...

Laura Brandoli


Laura Brandoli deals with the protection of industrial and intellectual property, providing clients with assistance in and out of court on matters of trademarks, know-how, design, patents and copyright, as...

Angela Cataldi


Angela Cataldi is specialised in intellectual and industrial property, corporate law and contracts, with specific reference to the media-entertainment and Information and Communications Technology sector. She is also specialised in...

Ludovica Ceretto


Ludovica Ceretto mainly operates in electronic commerce, personal data processing, communication law, on-line services and copyright. Ludovica addresses matters of privacy and data protection on a daily basis, having acquired...

Pierluigi De Palma

Of Counsel

Pierluigi De Palma is an expert in intellectual property applied to the entertainment industry (music, cinema, television, radio-television formats, photography, figurative arts, theatre) and the protection and transfer of intellectual...

Luca Egitto


Luca Egitto is an expert in intellectual and industrial property, IT, privacy and commercial law. Luca mainly assists clients operating in the entertainment, sport, IT and e-commerce industries. His main...

Francesca Lodigiani

Of Counsel

Francesca Lodigiani works as a lawyer in the Media-Entertainment and Corporate and M&A industry. Since 2001, the independent publication “Chambers Europe – Europe’s Leading Lawyers” has included her amongst the...

Fabio Marino


Fabio Marino assists clients in matters of commercial law and in particular industrial property rights and new technology. He specifically consults on all aspects of consumer protection, e-commerce and related...

Giacomo Pataracchia


Giacomo Pataracchia mainly offers out-of-court assistance in law governing new technologies, e-commerce, personal data processing, law governing communication and advertising, on-line services and copyright. She earned international experience through he...

Pietro Perugini


Pietro Perugini has accrued particular experience in the protection of intellectual property and provides assistance both in and out of court. In copyright law, his work ranges from the entertainment...

Monica Togliatto


Monica Togliatto helps clients with communication matters, copyright, industrial property and privacy, both offering consultancy and assistance with contracts, as well as with any related litigation. Over the years, she...