Logistic & Transportation

  1. The experience we have gained in the transport and logistics sectors, which are increasingly vital for the demands of companies' international business, allows us to offer discerning advice in response to our clients' different needs.
  1. In terms of contracts relating to air, sea and land transport, we offer counsel and advice on shipping, all matters concerned with logistics, shipping agencies and negotiations concerning the airport sector.
  1. We have solid experience in the negotiation and drafting of contracts for the ship building and trading and shipping finance transactions, including those concerned with recreational boating and marinas.
  1. In the field of aeronautical, maritime and transport law, we assist our clients in and out of court, particularly in matters relating to the commercial aviation sector, for both litigation and regulations, and with respect to maritime transport, aeronautical and maritime insurance for organisations and goods, international trade and Incoterms, national land transport and CMR, administrative-port issues, the concession of port areas, and water pollution.
  1. Our sound knowledge of global markets enables us to assist our clients in managing commercial dealings with non-EU markets, and in the application of Incoterms, simplified procedures, special regimes and customs declarations.
  1. We provide targeted advice for the customs sector and also offer support in related matters, such as the application of copyright rules in the event of imports from non-EU countries, the safeguarding of cultural assets leaving or returning to the national territory, and consumer protection associated with declarations of origin made to customs.
  1. The support provided to our clients in customs matters includes the judicial sphere through legal representation in all areas, including criminal, and the management of administrative procedures against customs authorities.


Natalia Bagnato


Natalia Bagnato is the head of the ESG & Legal Impact Team. She has consolidated experience in corporate and commercial law, assisting leading Italian and foreign clients both out-of-court and...

Carla Bonacci


Carla Bonacci provides judicial and extrajudicial assistance to Italian and foreign clients and companies in the aerospace, insurance, logistics and transportation sectors. Carla is part of the aerospace team working...

Maurizio Corain


Maurizio Corain has significant experience in commercial law, international trade, custom law, food law, integrated logistics and shipping and transport law, allowing him to offer consultancy in preparing contracts and...

Daniele D'Antonio


Daniele D’Antonio assists Italian and foreign entrepreneurs and enterprises in the insurance, logistics and transport sectors, dealing primarily with contracts and litigation. In civil, commercial and insurance law, he has...

Diego Favero


Diego Favero is an expert in civil, transport and insurance law, both in litigation and out-of-court assistance and contracts. He offers consultancy in and out of court, with a specific...

Matteo Marsullo


Matteo Marsullo offers his assistance, in and out of court, in civil, insurance and international law – especially in the aviation, aerospace and transport sectors. Matteo joined RP Legal &...

Anna Masutti


Anna Masutti has solid experience in the Transportation sector, in the management and establishment of corporations – especially those operating in the Aviation sector and airport services, their administration, control,...

Sidney Mathoux


Sidney Mathoux deals with matters of commercial, international and logistics law; in particular, he assists leading Italian and foreign industrial groups on matters related to the drafting and negotiation of...

Carlotta Matteuzzi


Carlotta Matteuzzi deals with matters relating to European Union, international, insurance, aviation and transport law. She offers in and out of court consultancy with specific regard to matters relating to...

Pietro Nisi


Pietro Nisi consults and offers in and out of court assistance to enterprises, particularly in matters of international contracts and the transport and logistics sector. He has accrued extensive experience...

Alessandro Paci


Alessandro Paci’s practice focuses on international trade law, commercial contracts and insurance law, assisting Italian and foreign companies. He deals with private international law matters especially in relation to contacts...

Claudio Perrella


Claudio Perrella is an expert in international contracts, insurance law, shipping law and transport law. He assists numerous multinational enterprises and listed companies, some of the most important Italian and...

Marialisa Taglienti


Marialisa Taglienti assists clients with all matters transport-related, with logistics and with corporate law. She offers assistance in and out of court to leading client companies operating in the transport...

Alessio Totaro


Alessio Totaro deals with matters of commercial, international and logistics law. He has accrued particularly extensive experience in the field of business contracts and corporate law, regularly assisting leading Italian...