Privacy & Data Protection

  1. Our extensive skill and experience enables us to respond to the increasingly complex issues of these sectors, so clients can confidently and masterfully manage their businesses.
  1. We provide assistance in the correct application of legislation relating to personal data protection, internal, intra-group and external data flow analysis and its subsequent regulation, also creating the appropriate company procedures for the preparation and management of all requirements of current legislation (authorisation, requests for the Data Protection Authority's approval, disclosures, requests for consent, queries addressed to the Data Protection Authority, transfer of databases, data processing agreements, system administrators appointments, privacy and cookie policies and contracts in general) and for the drafting and updating of the record of processing activities.
  1. We are consultants in the management of specific projects and the establishment of the resulting business relationships, in accordance with the legislation on personal data protection, and in the design and implementation of promotional activities in accordance with privacy regulations.
  1. We are the Data Protection Officer (DPO) for our clients.
  1. Where necessary, we manage the pre-litigation stage (Data Protection Authority’s requests for clarifications and inspections) and litigation deriving from the non-, partial or incorrect application of the legislation on personal data protection before the Data Protection Authority and the ordinary courts.


Chiara Agostini


Chiara Agostini assists clients with internet and communication matters. Her specific consultancy covers all aspects of consumer protection, personal data protection, advertising, copyright and related contracts. Her experience in privacy...

Allegra Bonomo


Allegra Bonomo assists clients in the Entertainment and Information and Communications Technology sector. She deals with matters relating to the offer of services on-line, e-commerce, personal data protection, electronic communication...

Angela Cataldi

Senior Associate

Angela Cataldi is specialised in intellectual and industrial property, corporate law and contracts, with specific reference to the media-entertainment and Information and Communications Technology sector. She is also specialised in...

Ludovica Ceretto


Ludovica Ceretto mainly operates in electronic commerce, personal data processing, communication law, on-line services and copyright. Ludovica addresses matters of privacy and data protection on a daily basis, having acquired...

Luca Egitto


Luca Egitto is an expert in intellectual and industrial property, IT, data privacy and commercial law. Luca advises clients operating in the entertainment, sport, IT and e-commerce business. His main...

Giacomo Pataracchia


Giacomo Pataracchia mainly offers out-of-court assistance in law governing new technologies, e-commerce, personal data processing, law governing communication and advertising, on-line services and copyright. He earned international experience by collaborating...

Andrea Pisano


Andrea Pisano specializes in intellectual and industrial property, competition, privacy and IT law and commercial law. Andrea deals daily with privacy and data protection. In this sector, he assists national...

Sofia Pollano


Sofia Pollano works mainly in the sectors of online retail and personal data processing. She also supports clients in the drafting of commercial contracts realting to to intellectual property. During...

Monica Togliatto


Monica Togliatto helps clients with communication matters, copyright, industrial property and privacy, both offering consultancy and assistance with contracts, as well as with any related litigation. Over the years, she...