1. The aerospace industry is currently expanding rapidly. The increasing use of space applications in ground-based activities and the speed of technological progress have opened up new opportunities for growth and development, although the ever-evolving regulatory framework is becoming more complex and fragmented. Therefore, stakeholders frequently need the support of external consultants who can assist them in the analysis, implementation and modification of the contractual wording and best practices related to the aerospace sector.
  1. RP Legal & Tax's professionals have significant experience in the field of aerospace law, which covers international contracts and governance issues faced by operators in the sector, including liability, international taxation and public and private financing matters. The most complex cases are handled by the firm with a multidisciplinary approach, combining the expertise of lawyers and accountants specialised in different fields in order to satisfy even the most demanding clients.
  1. Together with technical experts of the industry, we provide assistance in the preparation, development and execution of projects aimed at enabling the use of satellite systems and related applications, frequently joining consortia of specialists to provide tailored advice at national, European and international level.
  1. We have been frequently representing aerospace manufacturers and operators, as well as satellite service providers and their insurers. We have extensive experience in respect of extraordinary transactions related to the aerospace sector, both in classical M&A and venture capital transactions..
  1. We are able to advise on all regulatory issues involving state aid profiles, as well as commercial, tax, logistics, insurance and/or safety and market access aspects, along with any other aspect that may be deemed relevant to the success of activities in the aerospace sector..
  1. Our assistance extends to judicial and extra-judicial disputes in matters relating to liability insurance and international trade and, more generally, to all administrative and regulatory matters, with a particular focus on corporate matters (including mergers, acquisitions or the sale of companies or businesses), on financing mechanisms for companies operating in the aerospace sector and on the procurement of aerospace and satellite works and services..
  1. The solid knowledge of global markets therefore allows our professionals to assist clients in the management of commercial, customs, import/export relations with EU and non-EU countries, as well as in the application of simplified procedures and special regimes.


Daniele D'Antonio


Daniele D’Antonio assists Italian and foreign entrepreneurs and enterprises in the insurance, logistics and transport sectors, dealing primarily with contracts and litigation. In civil, commercial and insurance law, he has...

Luca Egitto


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Mario Ferrari


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Marco Gardino


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Anna Masutti


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Pietro Nisi


Pietro Nisi consults and offers in and out of court assistance to enterprises, particularly in matters of international contracts and the transport and logistics sector. He has accrued extensive experience...

Riccardo Rossotto


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