Environmental and Energy

  1. These sectors are characterised by technological innovation, continuous regulatory change and the multidisciplinary nature of the activities involved. This is why we offer those intent on safely operating in the environmental sphere and the energy market complete, attentive, integrated consultancy services that cover all legal aspects and matters.
  1. We assist clients with risk assessment, the development and management of environmental, health and safety policies in the workplace and we support them in administrative procedures to obtain the Integrated Environmental Authorisation (AIA) and the Single Environmental Authorisation (AUA), for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).
  1. Drawing on other skills as well, we provide assistance in all stages of property and corporate transactions for industrial activities with a high environmental impact.
  1. We advise in the structuring of investment projects in the energy sector - in relation to traditional and renewable sources - and in initiatives for the protection and enhancement of cultural heritage and landscapes.
  1. With regard to waste management and reclamation, in the event of air, water and noise pollution - where necessary - we work alongside clients in civil, administrative and criminal litigation, including matters relating to corporate criminal law cases.


Lorenzo Lamberti


Lorenzo Lamberti carries out professional assignments in matters of public law and administrative law for public institutions and entities, both national and local, public companies, public law organisations and private...

Piero Magri


Piero Magri assists his clients – companies and private individuals – with white collar crimes. He has consolidated experience in corporate crime, safety and the environment, in bankruptcy, corporate and...

Angelo Melpignano

Senior Associate

Angelo Melpignano assists private clients and public administrations both in and out of court with the genesis, pursuit and conclusion of complex relations between the citizen (private individuals and businesses)...