Massimo Moraglio

Role: Senior Associate
Where: Turin
Languages: English
Focus Area: Litigation & Arbitration - Non Performing Loans - Real Estate
Bar: Turin Bar

Massimo Moraglio operates in debt collection and, in general, in civil litigation.

The main beneficiaries of the service are banks and, therefore, his specific consultancy covers all areas of banking law and the related contracts.

His experience in debt collection particularly regards the real estate sector, where he offers assistance to clients with enforcement procedures, as well as in preparing real estate due diligence for banks, investors and advisors.

He supports clients in handling complex, articulated situations of insolvency, combining legal rigour with commercial pragmatism, yet without ever forgetting that

“He who doesn’t shoot on goal, doesn’t score either. Then they are they and we are us” (Vujadin Boṧkov).

Massimo joined RP Legal & Tax in 2007; he is a Senior Associate.

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