Monica Togliatto

Role: Partner
Where: Turin
Languages: English
Focus Area: Advertising - Intellectual Property - Privacy & Data Protection - TMT - Technology, Media & Telecommunication
Qualifications: Turin Bar - Admitted to the Supreme Courts

Monica Togliatto helps clients with communication matters, copyright, industrial property and privacy, both offering consultancy and assistance with contracts, as well as with any related litigation.

Over the years, she has also consolidated specific experience in the small and medium enterprises, collaborating with the trade associations and offering transversal consultancy that ranges from credit protection to civil litigation, the management of insurance problems and disputes with consumers and product flaw warranty issues.

When she thinks about her profession, Monica like to remind herself and others that:

“… laws are alive because their words are necessarily imbued with the thought of our time, the air that we breath, our propositions, our hopes, blood and tears. Otherwise, laws are nothing but empty formulae, little wordplays from pettifoggers. In order to make them sacred, they must be filled with our will”.
From P. Calamandrei’s “Il Ponte”

Monica joined RP Legal & Tax in 1998 and became a partner in 2016.

In 2019, she attended the practical theoretical course for training as DPO, organised by the Official Order of Lawyers of Turin. She has taught, as expert in support of civil law and insurance courses at the University of Turin (Prof. Marino Bin). She has spoken at conventions, courses and/or masters in advertising, privacy and consumer protection. She is a member of AIDA and AIPPI.

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