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Private Clients

  1. We work closely with individuals, family groups, family offices, trusts and representatives of important Italian and foreign family businesses seeking fully compliant legal solutions to often complex, delicate questions.
  1. We take care of our clients in all matters that can arise in the field of family and inheritance law, tax law, criminal law, business contracts and wealth management.
  1. In the field of family and inheritance law, we assist clients in all necessary matters, such as separation and divorce proceedings, arrangements relating to the spouses' wealth, establishment of capital funds, protection of minors and issues relating to parentage and parental responsibility, cases of domestic abuse, accepting and waiving inheritance, inheritances yet to be accepted and and inheritance divisions.
  1. We handle family assets and understand the requirements of wealth planning and protection, including at an international level. Our legal advice is aimed at protecting wealth and maximising the fiscal and organisational efficiency of management through the use of legal instruments and institutions such as trusts.
  1. We provide support in the planning and implementation of national and international structures aimed at safeguarding the consistency and profitability of large estates over time, with an emphasis on generation-to-generation succession. Our goal is to make management and tax treatment simpler and more efficient through our team of professionals specialised in real estate transactions and tax, corporate, commercial and inheritance law.
  1. Our extensive experience also allows us to operate in the management of structures with assets and beneficiaries in multiple jurisdictions and the resolution of problems that can arise from a need for coordination between different legal systems.


Alessia Allegretti


Alessia Allegretti has long-standing experience working with international firms, assisting foreign clients with the purchase and management of businesses and property in Italy, as well as Italian entrepreneurs in expanding...

Marina Cotelli

Of Counsel

Marina Cotelli deals with civil and criminal law in the favour of private clients, small and medium enterprises, both in and out of court. She has accrued vast experience in...

Luca Finocchiaro


Luca Finocchiaro is an expert in civil, commercial, bankruptcy and corporate criminal law. He defends private clients and companies in civil and corporate litigation. In bankruptcy and business crisis situations,...

Valentina Susanna Gava


Valentina Gava deals with commercial, corporate and contract law in legal and arbitration disputes. She is also skilled in trust and art law.  She has achieved a post-graduate specialisation diploma...

Simone Grassi


Simone Grassi has accrued considerable experience in the Litigation sector. He assists private clients, small and medium enterprises, banks and insurance, handling major civil and commercial disputes. Simone is particularly...

Benedetta Guastoni


Benedetta Guastoni deals with corporate criminal law, crimes regarding safety at work and environmental safety, economic crime and the Public Administration as well as crimes against the person. She also...

Enrico Lambiase


Enrico Lambiase mainly deals with civil disputes, operating in the favour of private clients, small and medium enterprises, banks and insurance firms. He has accrued significant experience in family law,...

Luigi M. Macioce


Luigi M. Macioce specialises in advising private clients and companies with regard to cross-border and domestic M&A transactions, as well as seeking solutions and structuring efficient tax arrangements for investments...

Piero Magri


Piero Magri assists his clients – companies and private individuals – with white collar crimes. He has consolidated experience in corporate crime, safety and the environment, in bankruptcy, corporate and...

Patrick McGranaghan


Patrick McGranaghan deals with corporate and commercial law. Patrick assists Italian and foreign clients with cross border transactions, investments and wealth planning. Patrick graduated from the Law Faculty of Bocconi...

Daniele Merighetti

Senior Associate

Daniele Merighetti mainly provides assistance in and out of court in matters of civil law, with particular reference to contractual liability, leasing and consumer protection. The experience accrued in civil...

Jacopo Mosca


Jacopo Mosca is specialised in corporate, commercial and tax law. He deals with projects linked to investments, globalisation, innovation and wealth planning and management, both in Italy and abroad. He...

Giulia Pairona


Giulia Pairona consults on commercial law matters. She has consolidated experience in routine corporate assistance to capital companies, particularly in regard to corporate governance, as well as extraordinary operations (mergers...

Maria Grazia Passerini

Senior Associate

Maria Grazia Passerini mainly deals with civil law. She has accrued considerable experience in family law, in managing family disputes, such as separations, divorces and child custody cases, as well...

Alessandro Racano


Alessandro Racano deals with corporate, bankruptcy and tax criminal law, safety at work criminal law, copyright, the environment and the Public Administration. He also works in matters of administrative liability...

Marta Soler


Marta Soler assists listed and unlisted, Italian and foreign companies and groups with corporate and commercial law matters and contracts in general.  She particularly deals with responding to ordinary and...

Alessandra Spagnol


Alessandra Spagnol assists clients in all matters linked to family problems, child law, succession and wealth protection.  She works with a multidisciplinary group that deals with wealth management and tax....

Guido Maria Tancredi


Guido Maria is an expert in civil and commercial law, who chooses to assist both before arbitration panels and the ordinary court. He has accrued considerable experience in the field...

Valeria Valentini


Valeria Valentini assists Italian and foreign private, professional and corporate clients with all matters regarding criminal corporate law but with a particular focus on tax, corporate and bankruptcy criminal law,...