Sport Law

The sports sector today is an industry. Our deep-rooted interdisciplinary experience allows us to successfully assist athletes, professional and amateur sports clubs, sports federations, private and institutional event organisers, sponsors, broadcasters and investors.

We also take care of all legal aspects concerning e-sports, i.e. the world of video games at organised and professional competitive level.

Our international network allows us to assist Italian athletes and companies in their interests abroad. During the Winter Olympics in Turin, we assisted several international Olympic committees for all legal aspects related to the participation of athletes in the games.

  1. We assist sports clubs and federations with all statutory, contractual, disciplinary, fiscal, tax, insurance and labour law issues, as well as corporate governance and financial fair play matters. We also intervene in cases of a possible state of corporate crisis, with a particular focus on the repercussions in the sports disciplinary field. We work with sports clubs on the planning, organisation and management of sporting events and their reopening to the public (with a specific focus - in this delicate phase of time - on security measures and organisation of dedicated personnel, and on the adaptation and implementation of new anti-Covid protocols).
  1. We support sports agents in the management of representation, consultancy and mediation relationships in favour of athletes and sports clubs, in all phases of their activity: from the preparation of sports mandate contracts to negotiations aimed at the conclusion, termination or renewal of a sports employment contract, to transfers and the related transfer of the athlete's contract.
  1. We define the legal and contractual aspects of brand development projects in retail, football schools, co-branding and licensing. We support sports brands with brand and IP portfolio protection activities, both in the development and conception phases of brand identity and in the filing and renewal phases of trademarks and designs, with a brand protection system that includes customs protection and the fight against counterfeiting in civil and criminal proceedings.
  1. We are consultants to real estate operators and sports clubs for the acquisition and management of sports facilities and for the management of all contractual or concessionary relationships, including with municipalities and public administrations.
  1. We support professional athletes in the management of contractual matters - such as the stipulation or termination of sports performance agreements - in all labour and tax aspects, in the management of image rights in relations with their clubs and federations, and in the valorisation of their sports history through literary, television or film adaptations.
  1. We are present for activities involving manufacturers and suppliers of sports equipment, in all legal aspects of marketing in the sector, in the negotiation of endorsement agreements with testimonials and athletes and sponsorship agreements with sports clubs and event organisers, in the development and contractualisation of merchandising and affiliation projects.
  1. We assist and represent athletes and sports clubs in litigation before ordinary and administrative courts and sports justice bodies at all levels.
  1. We are actively involved in the third sector, assisting amateur sports clubs, non-profit associations and social enterprises active in this field in the following areas in the implementation of corporate social responsibility projects and in the development of sustainable and inclusive organisational models.


Luca Egitto


Luca Egitto is an expert in intellectual and industrial property, IT, data privacy and commercial law. Luca advises clients operating in the entertainment, sport, IT and e-commerce business. His main...

Mario Ferrari


Mario Ferrari deals with commercial and corporate law, in particular M&As. His training, professional experience abroad, cultural interests and language skills have all come together to drive Mario towards international...

Mario Enrico Gatti

Senior Associate

Mario Gatti has accrued multidisciplinary experience over the years, assisting the law and HR offices of leading Italian and foreign companies in connection with varied problems (including the negotiation of...

Emiliano Giovine

Senior Associate

Emiliano Giovine is head of the ESG & Legal Impact team. He mainly assists non-profit entities, social enterprises, socially-oriented investment vehicles, NGOS and international organizations. More specifically, he supports these...

Paolo Grandi


Paolo Grandi deals with commercial and corporate law. He is an expert in the acquisition and disposal of corporate investments, the rental and lease of business units, extraordinary capital transactions...

Piero Magri


Piero Magri assists his clients – companies and private individuals – with white collar crimes. He has consolidated experience in corporate crime, safety and the environment, in bankruptcy, corporate and...

Gianluca Morretta


Gianluca has a notable experience in the protection of intellectual and industrial property that encompasses all IP profiles. He provides in-court and out-of-court assistance to a wide range of companies,...

Riccardo Rossotto


Riccardo Rossotto has worked throughout national territory, specialising in industrial, corporate and commercial law. In industrial area, his work particularly covers advertising, trademarks and unfair competition. In corporate law, he...

Marco Scavello


Marco Scavello assists businesses in a crisis or which are insolvent, helping them through debt restructuring processes, choosing the most appropriate tool to the case at hand (i.e. composition proceedings,...

Roberto Testa


Roberto Testa deals exclusively with employment law. His work covers various areas of the topic. He has accrued vast experience in the field of litigation and out-of-court assistance and contracts,...