1. Today, relationships between private entrepreneurs and the public entities are increasingly intense and more frequent; the growing interdisciplinarity, coupled with the widespread, stratified legislation that today mark relations between private entrepreneurs and the Public Administration call for ever more qualified, interdisciplinary skills.
  1. Clients seeking out our firm for assistance with administrative matters, both in and out of court, tend to be national and multinational groups, central and local administrations, public in-house and mixed companies (utilities) that we assist with public tenders, construction and town planning, local public services, public-private partnerships (mixed companies, investment foundations, cooperation agreements, sponsorships and project financing), the organisation of the PA and public service as well as liability claims for financial damages.
  1. Our expertise in this area meets the requirements of various sectors, from transport to healthcare and pharmaceutical, from culture to the environment and the world of university and research and that therefore need cohesive consultancy, often combining the work of multiple areas of our firm.

  1. We assist clients in the organisation and management of health services, in extraordinary transactions involving publicly-owned (or part publicly-owned) companies, in the development and requalification of decommissioned areas, in the management of territorial governance plans and implementing plans, in public utility expropriation proceedings and in the determination of the related indemnities, the development of urban and interurban viability systems and infrastructures and public networks (gas, ports, motorways and airports), as well as in determining tariff conditions and operating contributions in the public transport industry.

  1. We assist and flank SMEs and research institutions and entities in applying and managing European Community financing programmes (Horizon 2020, Cosme, Creative Europe) and for national structural funds (FESR, FSE, FEASR).


Lorenzo Lamberti


Lorenzo Lamberti carries out professional assignments in matters of public law and administrative law for public institutions and entities, both national and local, public companies, public law organisations and private...

Angelo Melpignano

Senior Associate

Angelo Melpignano assists private clients and public administrations both in and out of court with the genesis, pursuit and conclusion of complex relations between the citizen (private individuals and businesses)...

Pasquale Morra


Pasquale Morra works in administrative law and particularly focuses on tenders and public procedures. He consults for contracting authorities and economic operators in all phases of tenders and beauty contests...