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News | Maria Pia Sacco joins the Impact & Sustainability team as Senior Legal Advisor

RP Legal & Tax welcomes Maria Pia Sacco: from 1 February 2022, she joins the Impact & Sustainability department headed by Natalia Bagnato and Emiliano Giovine.

Maria Pia Sacco has solid international, academic and professional experience in the fields of sustainibility, ESG, business and human rights, corporate criminal responsibility and anti-corruption.

Maria Pia’s profile is distinctively international: she has been awarded a PhD in Law and Economics at Rotterdam University and a LL.M. in Law and Economics at the University of Bologna and the University of Hamburg. Maria Pia has worked in London for the International Bar Association Legal Policy and Research Unit, where she was head of the ESG, business and human rights and sustainability area. She is member of the executive board of the NGO Human Rights International Corner (HRIC), and collaborates as guest lecturer with the Queen Mary University of London, where she teaches business and human rights in the context for the LL.M. in Transnational Law and Governance.

RP Legal & Tax continues to be one of the Italian law firm that invests more in a department specifically dedicated to the areas of sustainability, impact investing and the third sector. Natalia Bagnato, Emiliano Giovine and Maria Pia Sacco will address the increasing ESG-related assistance of companies and corportation with an ad-hoc consultancy.

Depending on the clients’ needs and specific demands, the Impact & Sustainability team works in collaboration with other practices in the law firm, especially: Environment (Luciano Salomoni), Corporate M&A (Nicola Carù), Labour (Line Gaston), IP (Nicola Berardi), Banking & Finance (Federica Pastorino), Compliance (Letizia Catalano).

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