ESG & Legal Impact

  1. The growing demands of the market, together with an increasingly complex and articulated European and international regulatory framework, have turned the pursuit of sustainable development into a fundamental asset for enterprises. Coherent with our values, we have been among the first Italian law firms to assist clients in this field, with reference to ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) factors, social entrepreneurship and impact investing.
  1. Thanks to our specialized team, we assist our clients (enterprises, financial operators, non-profit entities) in the integration of ESG factors into their business strategy. More specifically, our team support the implementation of sustainability models; the drafting of corporate policies, ethical codes and contracts incorporating sustainability aims; due diligence activities aimed at the development of sustainable value chains; the obtainment of the qualification of Benefit Corporation, and governance provisions.
  1. Furthermore, we assist our clients with regard to the normative and regulatory aspects of sustainable finance (SFDR and Taxonomy). We collaborate with consultancy firm and the academic world with the objective of assisting enterprises in B Corp certification processes; in the reporting and measurement of ESG impacts.
  1. The team members are part of international networks in the ESG and Impact fields. In particular, we contributed to the foundation of GAIL (The Global Alliance of Impact Lawyers), of which we chair the European Regional Board; and we are part of the International Bar Association’s Business Human Rights Committee.
  1. For over ten years, we have been operating in the Third Sector assisting social enterprises, cooperatives and non-profi entities in all their life- and development cycle – especially in the observance of the evolving Italian Code of the Third Sector, in the management of the relations with the Public Sector, and in the finalization of reorganization and transformation, mergers and severance operations. In this complex ecosystem, we also support the development of projects of reception, job placement and entrepreneurship of migrants and refugees.


Natalia Bagnato


Natalia Bagnato is the head of the ESG & Legal Impact Team. She has consolidated experience in corporate and commercial law, assisting leading Italian and foreign clients both out-of-court and...

Nicola Carù


Nicola Carù deals with commercial and corporate law and civil litigation. He is an expert in the acquisition and disposal of corporate investments, both in industry and private equity, as...

Emiliano Giovine

Senior Associate

Emiliano Giovine is head of the ESG & Legal Impact team. He mainly assists non-profit entities, social enterprises, socially-oriented investment vehicles, NGOS and international organizations. More specifically, he supports these...

Marianna Peroni


Marianna Peroni graduated with top degrees at the University of Roma Tre in March 2021. She defended a thesis in international environmental law entitled “Global cities in the fight against...

Maria Pia Sacco

Senior Legal Advisor

Maria Pia Sacco has solid international, academic and professional experience in the fields of sustainibility, ESG, business and human rights, corporate criminal responsibility and anti-corruption. She supports clients in the...