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RP Legal & Tax alongside Filmmaster Events for UEFA Euro 2020

The long and exciting path of the European Football Championship has just ended with the best of the hoped-for epilogues. However, the journey has been very long and tiring, even for the organizers and those who worked behind the scenes of the event.

Filmmaster Events took care of the opening ceremony of the event at the Olympic Stadium in Rome and, as Local Operator appointed by Roma Capitale, managed the set-up, organization and events of the Fan Zone in Piazza del Popolo and all other dedicated areas of Rome for over a month.

RP Legal & Tax has supported Filmmaster Events from the preliminary phases anticipating the awarding of the bid, to the hectic phases of the cancellation of the event due to the pandemic, to the new scheduling of the tournament in 2021 and the management of all phases of the organization, from the opening ceremony to the single activities at the Fan Zone.

The RP Legal & Tax team has dealt with the administrative law profiles related to the relationships with Roma Capitale, all the contracts with partners, sponsors and suppliers, as well as specific IP, Privacy and copyright profiles and has involved the Partners Roberto Randazzo, Lorenzo Lamberti, Pasquale Morra and Giuseppe Taffari and the Associates Angelo Melpignano, Ludovica Ceretto and Emiliano Giovine.

RP Legal & Tax consolidates and renews its long-lasting support to Filmmaster Events with a beautiful choral effort, sealed by a splendid final victory.

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