Compliance & Regulatory

  1. We closely monitor the evolution of the complex regulation of global markets and the widely established discipline which, in some industrial and product sectors, has increased the burden of responsibility and compliance for companies, so that we can ensure up-to-date, complete, interdisciplinary assistance.
  1. The cross-cutting nature of the relevant activities extends this type of assistance to a number of sectors presenting a high degree of specific regulation, such as the pharmaceutical, chemical, finance, energy, IT, construction, data protection and sustainability sectors.
  1. We assist organisations and companies in the implementation of organisational models (in accordance with Legislative Decree 231/2001), the Anti-Corruption Plans (in accordance with Law 190/2012) and compliance with sector regulations, including data protection and the duties of the DPO. Many professionals in corporate, criminal and administrative departments are also members of Supervisory Bodies.
  1. Typical team activities include the preparation and updating of Organisational Models, audits on the degree of compliance of company processes with legislation and industry standards, the preparation of company protocols and procedures for monitoring processes at risk of criminal offences being committed, and the drafting of codes of ethics, codes of conduct and anti-corruption policies.
  1. We also assist publicly-owned organisations in the adoption of Anti-Corruption Plans and support Supervisory Bodies in conducting audits on specific business processes.


Fabio Benetti


Fabio Benetti assists Italian and foreign businesses in all matters relating to employment law, industrial relations and trade union relations. He provides operative consultancy in managing contracts of employment, including...

Letizia Catalano

Senior Associate

Letizia Catalano has acquired a high degree of specialization in the field of administrative responsibility of entities under the Decree 231/2001 and anti-corruption. Her activities concern, in particular, assistance to...

Fabio Vincenzo Cugurullo


Fabio Cugurullo assists Italian and international banks, financial intermediaries, services and SPVs, carrying out origination and due diligence before the acquisition of non-performing loans. He also assists Italian and international...

Paolo De Carlo


Paolo De Carlo deals with commercial and corporate law. He assists his clients with commercial contracts, extraordinary operations and aspects relating to the valuation and transfer of intellectual property. Paolo...

Marco Gardino


Marco Gardino assists clients in matters of corporate and commercial law, both in M&As and venture capital and for ordinary corporate day-to-day assistance. He has also experience with regards to...

Martina Anna Guaita


Martina Guaita offers her assistance mainly in-court in the field of White Collar Crime; she also deals with compliance, especially in connection with the Italian D.lgs. 231/2001. Martina joined RP...

Benedetta Guastoni


Benedetta Guastoni deals with corporate criminal law, crimes regarding safety at work and environmental safety, economic crime and the Public Administration as well as crimes against the person. She also...

Bianca Lo Bello


Bianca Lo Bello mainly operates in the white collar crime sector, also dealing with compliance matters and in particular in reference to Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/2001. Bianca graduated from...

Giovanni Luppi


Giovanni Luppi has consolidated experience in litigation, corporate law and the financial markets. In his professional life, he has assisted Arrangers, Lead Managers and Originators in national and international, traditional...

Piero Magri


Piero Magri assists his clients – companies and private individuals – with white collar crimes. He has consolidated experience in corporate crime, safety and the environment, in bankruptcy, corporate and...

Sidney Mathoux


Sidney Mathoux deals with matters of commercial, international and logistics law; in particular, he assists leading Italian and foreign industrial groups on matters related to the drafting and negotiation of...

Davide Nervegna

Of Counsel

Davide Nervegna assists Italian and international banks, financial intermediaries, investment companies, asset management companies and other supervised institutions to guarantee their compliance with Italian law and regulations. His specific areas...

Giacomo Passeri


Giacomo Passeri graduated cum laude from the Faculty of Law of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, writing his thesis on the law of financial intermediaries entitled...

Alessandro Racano


Alessandro Racano deals with corporate, bankruptcy and tax criminal law, safety at work criminal law, copyright, the environment and the Public Administration. He also works in matters of administrative liability...

Marco Scavello


Marco Scavello assists businesses in a crisis or which are insolvent, helping them through debt restructuring processes, choosing the most appropriate tool to the case at hand (i.e. composition proceedings,...

Alessio Totaro


Alessio Totaro deals with matters of commercial, international and logistics law. He has accrued particularly extensive experience in the field of business contracts and corporate law, regularly assisting leading Italian...