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Together to create value and purpose

RPLT. Where RP is RP Legal & Tax Professional Association, a firm founded in 1949 and present in Italy with six offices. And LT is Legalitax Studio Legale e Tributario, founded in 2013 and active in Rome and Milan.

We have assisted and advised-as a full-service reality in the legal and tax sector-dozens of companies, corporations, groups, investment funds, financial intermediaries, entities and administrations, in Italy and abroad.

Our partnership gives voice to the intention to combine our strategic skills and expertise to offer even more competitive, specialized and valuable professional assistance, while maintaining – in our positioning idea – that matrix of independence that unites us.

RPLT has 200 professionals including lawyers and accountants; more than 25 practice areas; 8 offices in Italy; 5 desks positioned in Europe, Asia and Africa. We adhere to the most influential international networks. We adhere to the most influential international networks.

Practice Areas RPLT

Through selected focus teams and continuous communication between professionals we are alongside customers in over 25 areas of intervention and a vast series of sectors