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Global needs need international visions and professionals


Working with clients who pursue their businesses in different countries-in the EU and non-EU area-requires a specific focus, a current view of critical global issues, and membership in strong professional networks of high standing.

For both international clients, consisting of foreign companies planning to invest in our country, and domestic clients, we are able to handle our advice and operations in English, French, German, Spanish, Greek and Mandarin Chinese.

Through our International Desks in Europe, Asia and Africa, we continuously assist business activities and investments on the ground, offering meticulous legal advice and exceptional expertise in handling critical issues related to transnational agreements, thanks also to strategic networks composed of international and local law firms, consultants and banks.

The extensive network of collaborations we have established over the years with foreign law firms of the highest repute and specialization means that clients can face the complexities of international transactions knowing that – for all stages and all needs – they can count on direct contact with our professionals who follow the work of the friends firms with careful coordination and supervisory management.

International Desk