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Team results

What we are most proud of is being able to present our clients with quality solutions and strategies that are the result of close-knit, harmonious teamwork in which attention to people comes first. Our multidisciplinary teams are specialized hubs of mutual listening and ability to work together from which come out tailor-made answers of a high legal and fiscal level of which each professional can claim to be the author.

Physically present on the ground

Our six offices are an important territorial presence to better understand the specificities and contexts in which our clients operate. Our offices in Milan, Rome, Turin, Bologna, Aosta and Busto Arsizio represent-each-the multiplicity of our values and the collective professional heritage that makes RPLT’s strength. The client who enters or contacts one of our locations touches our way of building human relationships and working, without distinction.

A work environment that cares about people

We are enthusiastic about what we do, and our passion for our work also permeates the imprint we put on the relationship we experience between colleagues every day, based on respect and healthy competition. For us, inclusion, gender equality, work-life balance and smart working are not mere verbal expressions but daily realities for hundreds of people who can thus feel part of a reality that supports them as individuals and professionals.

A passion for solidarity

Our experience has always been inspired and guided by a firm desire to provide assistance to the community for social and solidarity purposes. Each year we identify projects and initiatives that we intend to support by giving legal and fiscal assistance to organizations working to implement initiatives of collective interest.

Who is our ideal candidate?

For us, a solid university background is the foundation from which to start. We place a high value on a vocation for proactivity, a curiosity that enables relentless learning of new skills, and an aptitude for positive participation in teamwork. Today’s legal and other professionals no longer embody only the skills they have learned but also the ability to manage projects and time in complex organizational procedures, the way they communicate with clients and colleagues, and how decisive their presence can be in terms of problem solving and conflict resolution.