Fashion Law

  1. The fashion and beauty sectors, especially for what regards the area of Made in Italy products, play a crucial role in the industrial landscape to which our law firm provides assistance. They bring together the interest of designers, brands, distribution networks, and multiple players within different supply chains.
  1. Our support ranges from big industrial groups and luxury brands to SMEs and start-ups working in the fashion and beauty sectors. Our expertise is also rooted in the advice offered through the years to the main trade associations operating in the industry.
  1. We are aware that the fashion world requires an interdisciplinary approach. For this reason, we offer a comprehensive assistance in the support of extraordinary transactions involving the most important players of the sector; the assistance in national and international contracts; the protection of intellectual property; the management of labour law aspects; the management of relevant tax aspects; and assistance in litigation.
  1. We offer assistance in all the main phases of the production and commercial process of the organizations active in the sector: from design and project to brand protection and the promotion and management of the sales network.
  1. Relatedly, our law firm has developed a distinctive experience in the assistance with influencers and their contracts – also with respect to employment relationship and the safeguard of contents, as well as the management of e-commerce channels and customer relations.
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  1. Finally, the professionals of the Fashion Law team have considerable experience in the assistance to players in the context of their advertising and promotional communication, online and offline, and in corporate or consumer data management.
  1. Thanks to the experience developed through the years, we actively organize informational activities and updates for our clients, discussing the most important topics in the sector at national and international level.


Nicola Berardi


Nicola Berardi assists with the preparation and negotiation of commercial contracts with a particular focus on the exploitation of intellectual property rights. He has accrued specific experience in trademark protection,...

Piergiorgio Bonacossa


Piergiorgio Bonacossa is an expert in employment law, both in and out of court. Ensuring the protection of corporate interests, he consults on industrial relations, amongst others dealing with the...

Ludovica Ceretto


Ludovica Ceretto mainly operates in electronic commerce, personal data processing, communication law, on-line services and copyright. Ludovica addresses matters of privacy and data protection on a daily basis, having acquired...

Luca Egitto


Luca Egitto is an expert in intellectual and industrial property, IT, data privacy and commercial law. Luca advises clients operating in the entertainment, sport, IT and e-commerce business. His main...

Marco Gardino


Marco Gardino assists clients in matters of corporate and commercial law, both in M&As and venture capital and for ordinary corporate day-to-day assistance. He has also experience with regards to...

Paolo Grandi


Paolo Grandi deals with commercial and corporate law. He is an expert in the acquisition and disposal of corporate investments, the rental and lease of business units, extraordinary capital transactions...

Paola Iacovino


Paola Iacovino operates in commercial and corporate law. Her work involves both continuous assistance with commercial contracts and as company secretary, as well as consultancy in extraordinary operations, business unit...

Gianluca Morretta


Gianluca has a notable experience in the protection of intellectual and industrial property that encompasses all IP profiles. He provides in-court and out-of-court assistance to a wide range of companies,...

Ludovica Nizza


Ludovica offers her assistance, in- and out of court, mainly in corporate and commercial law, wit a strong focus in the field of fashion law. She assists international fashion groups...

Pietro Perugini


Pietro Perugini has accrued particular experience in the protection of intellectual property and provides assistance both in and out of court. In copyright law, his work ranges from the entertainment...