French Desk

RP Legal & Tax is an independent, full-service Italian firm founded in 1949, which numbers more than one hundred and seventy qualified professionals and provides top quality legal and tax assistance.

RP Legal & Tax boasts leading international connections and, in this respect, our France Desk is the team dedicated to assisting French clients, businesses and entrepreneurs intending to work out of Italy, as well as Italian clients who, in turn, wish to invest in France. We are proud to offer them meticulous legal consultancy both in preparing their projects and in addressing critical issues relating to cross-border agreements and relations.

Our firm in fact includes French or perfectly bilingual professionals who are very familiar with the French legal and cultural context and who have close professional and personal ties with France. Our firm has also developed an important network of local consultants and correspondents with whom it collaborates in a fully-integrated, synergic fashion. We are therefore able to guarantee exceptional skills in an Italian-French context, also in respect of matters involving different languages and different jurisdictions.

Through the close collaboration of all the highly specialised professionals of our firm, we provide high quality consultancy and assistance in all areas of intervention of our firm; specifically:

  • Cross-border corporate actions 
  • Joint ventures
  • Tax planning in cross-border M&A
  • Commercial transactions
  • Employment law issues and those relating to HR management
  • Assistance with disputes both before the local courts and in arbitration proceedings

RP Legal & Tax est un cabinet italien full service indépendant, fondé en 1949, qui compte plus de cent soixante-dix professionnels qualifiés, et fournit une assistance légale et fiscale d’excellence. 

RP Legal & Tax vante des connexions internationales importantes et, dans ce contexte, le Desk France est l’équipe dédiée à l’assistance des clients, entreprises et entrepreneurs français, qui souhaitent opérer en Italie, et des clients italiens qui souhaitent, à leur tour, investir en France. Nous leur offrons un conseil légal minutieux tant au niveau de la construction de leur projet que pour la gestion des criticités relatives aux relations et accords transnationaux.  

Notre Cabinet compte, en effet, des professionnels de nationalité française ou parfaitement bilingues, qui connaissent le contexte juridique et culturel français et entretiennent des liens étroits, professionnels et personnels, avec la France. Le Cabinet a également développé un réseau important de correspondants et consultants locaux avec lesquels il collabore de façon intégrée et en totale synergie. Nous sommes donc en mesure de garantir une compétence exceptionnelle dans un contexte franco-italien également sur des dossiers qui impliquent des juridictions et des langues différentes.

Grâce à une collaboration étroite entre tous les professionnels hautement spécialisés du Cabinet, nous fournissons un conseil et une assistance de qualité dans tous les domaines d’intervention du Cabinet, en particulier, dans les domaines suivants :

  • Opérations concernant les sociétés dans un contexte transfrontalier 
  • Joint-ventures
  • Planification fiscale dans un contexte transfrontalier de M&A
  • Opérations à caractère commercial
  • Problématiques en droit du travail et relatives à la gestion des ressources humaines
  • Conseil pour la défense des intérêts de notre client, à travers l’assistance tant par devant les cours territoriales que dans les procédures arbitrales

Mario Ferrari


Mario Ferrari deals with commercial and corporate law, in particular M&As. His training, professional experience abroad, cultural interests and language skills have all come together to drive Mario towards international...

Anna Frumento


Anna Frumento has consolidated experience in national and international corporate and commercial law. Anna is an expert in extraordinary corporate operations, acquisitions and restructuring operations, reorganisation and the management of...

Line Gaston


Line Gaston assists clients in matters of employment law and commercial relations. Her consultancy covers all areas of the drafting of contracts and corporate policies, individual and collective redundancies, corporate...

Sidney Mathoux


Sidney Mathoux deals with matters of commercial, international and logistics law; in particular, he assists leading Italian and foreign industrial groups on matters related to the drafting and negotiation of...

Giulia Pairona


Giulia Pairona consults on commercial law matters. She has consolidated experience in routine corporate assistance to capital companies, particularly in regard to corporate governance, as well as extraordinary operations (mergers...

Claudio Perrella


Claudio Perrella is an expert in international contracts, insurance law, shipping law and transport law. He assists numerous multinational enterprises and listed companies, some of the most important Italian and...

Sabrina Straneo

Of Counsel

Sabrina Straneo assists Italian clients and multinational enterprise groups with commercial and corporate law matters, in particular in reference to extraordinary operations, corporate finance, joint ventures and cross-border operations. His...